Catering For The Office and Offsite Menus

Lunch Banquet Menu

Entrees Includes fresh bread, chef’s accompaniment, coffee service.

  •  Lemon chicken with Moroccan couscous
  • Salmon fillet with lemon burre blanc sauce or mango salsa
  • Braised chicken with asparagus morel saute and cream fraiche
  • Breaded pork cutlets with a bing cherry sauce sauce
  • Pork tenderloin herb de provenance, rosemary wrapped with pancetta served with seasonal chutney

 Entree Salads

Accompanied with fresh baked bread, coffee service

  • Baby greens, charbroiled lemon pepper chicken medallions, seasonal summer berries tossed with a vanilla bean vinaigrette
  • Wilfs salad, Dungeness crabmeat Oregon bay shrimp, grana padano cheese, romaine, Wilfs creamy dressing seasoned croutons(may contain nuts)
  • Station wedge salad, butter lettuce wedge, blue cheese dressing, chopped bacon, plum tomatoes
  • Classic Cobb salad, greens, black forest ham,  turkey, hard boiled egg,
  • cheddar cheese, plum tomatoes and blue cheese

Add a salad to your luncheon

Seasonal greens tossed with vanilla bean vinaigrette,  plum tomato and berries or Wilfs classic Caesar salad with crisp romaine, and grana padano cheese

House Made Desserts

Seasonal cheesecake, chocolate torte, strawberry shortcake– just to name a few.


**Picing is subject to change, call for pricing**

Wilfs Buffet Reception Menu

  • Miniature tartlets filled with brie, caramelized onion and fresh thyme
  • Prime rib carved medium rare, creamed horseradish, dollar rolls
  • Asian spring rolls, chickenand vegetable, sweet chile sauce
  • Stuffed mushrooms with herb cream cheese
  • Classic Caesar salad
  • Eggstravaganza ~ seasoned deviled eggs
  • Miniature salmon cakes with aioli
  • Tender chicken, julienne vegetables, finished in a peanut caramel sauce over rice topped with sesame seeds
  • Fresh baked bread

Average 18 pieces per person 

Add chilled prawns or miniature dessert buffet

**Prices are subject to change, call for pricing**

Dinner Banquet Menu

Entree includes choice of salad, seasonal greens or Wilfs classic Caesar salad chef’s selection of side and vegetable, freshly baked bread, coffee or tea service,  and chef’s selection of dessert.


  • Salmon fillet pan seared topped with a summer berry salsa, wild rice pilaf, seasonal vegetables
  •  Pork loin apple cider brine, topped with bacon sundried tomato demi glaze
  • Tenderloin filet,black pepper and dried cherry sauce
  • Lemon scampi linguine, light and refreshing
  • Tempeh picatta, lemon juice, shallots, garlic, white wine and butter over wild rice

**Additional entree’s are available


Vegetarian Selections

  • Imported and artisan cheeses  1/4 bricks with Marcona almonds summer berries and crackers
  • Stuffed mushroom caps – herb cream cheese, oven baked in butter and chardonnay
  • Miniature tartlets with brie, caramelized onions and thyme
  • Bruschettta with  julienne redpeppers, basil, capers, oven baked with  melted gorgonzola
  • Tomato tart with black olives, chevre cheese with a herb crust – serves 20
  • Devilish deviled eggs, traditional style
  • Deviled eggs with lemon caper egg filling topped with a fried oyster
  • Tomato crostini with whipped feta and cream cheese, blistered tomato garnished with basil
  • Mini peppers filled with seasoned cream cheese, oven roasted
  • Mediterranean dips and crudities’ Mini carrot s cucumber rounds, red and orange julienne peppers served with grilled flatbread, olives, hummus and Italian meats
  • Tomato crostini with whipped feta and cream cheese, blistered tomato garnished with basil

Pork, Chicken, Beef Selections

  • Asian chicken & vegetable spring rolls with sweet chile sauce
  • Cold peppered beef MR with creamed horseradish, served on croistini
  • Seared beef lettuce wraps with sweet chili sauce, crushed peanuts
  • Crisp lettuce cups with shredded hoisin chicken and cashew stir fry
  • Antipasto platter, assorted salamis, prosciutto, mozzarella balls, artichoke hearts, marinated mushrooms – served with a baguette
  • BBQ pork tenderloin with hot mustard and sweet chili sauce       8. per person
  •  Italian sausage stuffed mushrooms
  • Camembert and prosciutto tartines, rustic baguette, dried thyme oven baked and topped with chivesPrime rib sliders, creamed horseradish (minimum order for 50 guests) 


    Seafood selections

  • Sides of Salmon…$170.00 per side… mango salsa, fresh berry salsa or tarragon lemon cream
  • Miniature salmon cakes, topped with a ginger chili aioli
  • Prawns Pancetta – tiger prawns wrapped with pancetta, basil oven baked with an Italian herbed olive oil
  • Miniature crab fritters with a lemon aioli
  • Flaked Salmon on cucumber rounds with a lemon aioli
  • Chilled prawns with house  specialty cocktail sauce
  • Dungeness crab stuffed mushrooms

**Prices are subject to change, call for pricing**


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